Accent Reduction Testimonials

accent reduction classes reviewsI CAN ONLY LAUGH

“I’ve always assumed that my accent was just something I had to live with for the rest of my life. It took just a couple of classes with Rochel to realize that it’s not the case. A great teacher (and a lot of hard work) can really change the way you sound. Now, a few months later, I can only laugh at the way I used to to mispronounce so many words and sounds.”

Vlad K.
New York City

accent reduction classes nyc reviewsFLEXIBILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION

“I’m very happy to have discovered AccentsOff. I’ve been taking semi-private classes with Rochel for several months now, and I feel improvements in my speech every week. She has a great system that together with a lot of practice achieves noticeable results. Definitely a big confidence booster!”

Brooklyn, New York

American accent training reviews nycALWAYS PUSHED TO IMPROVE

“I have always struggled with my accent. As a result, it was difficult for me to communicate with my coworkers, clients, and friends. In addition, my accent was preventing me from communicating effectively and sounding confident in job interviews. My instructor Brittany Leaks has really helped me improve. In every session, we go over a few sounds, we work on the intonation, and making sure that I sound natural. We even have mock interviews which help me feel more confident and prepare for interviews. My coworkers and friends have noticed the improvement in my speech and are really proud of me. Thanks to Brittany I have improved my English pronunciation. ”

Abraham Jimenez, ANN Inc.
New York City


American accent training reviews“The evaluation and first contact with Rochel was so promising that I decided to sign up for an intensive accent reduction course with her while staying in New York for a few months preparing for the GRE. I was fascinated with the different techniques she uses to help you pronounce a certain sound correctly, even if that sound does not exist in your native language.

“I strongly recommend Accents Off if you want to reduce your accent, speak more clearly, and therefore increase your confidence when speaking in public. The classes were so fun and the results so obvious that I remember this specific one day that I decided to go to class instead of attending a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon live on NBC Studios. Thank you very much!”

Luis Felipe Damian
São Paulo, Brazil


voice accent training nyc“I felt unhappy about my accent for years and I knew there was something off, but I could not figure it out by myself. The first day I met Bianca, she gave me a thorough inspection of my accent. After 7 months of training, I am doing much better in the American accent. Bianca helped me improve my accent much more than I expected.”

Li, R.
New York, NY


NYC accent reduction American accent Deb Victoroff Stan Hrastikev“I am so proud of the classes I have been taking and what I have learned from you, Deb. My American colleagues are amazed how I can speak so clearly. I am even teaching my friends how to say some words correctly. Your classes have been so useful for me! I am really happy!”

Stan Hristakev, actor
New York


“It is a pleasure to be taught by such a professional like you, Deb. I successfully graduated from a screen acting course in Britain. Your highly professional advice on typical mistakes when pronouncing vowels of English helped me to sound authentic while being filmed for the showreel. I received such positive comments from the tutors. They didn’t even recognize my country of origin until I told them. Only due to your support could I sign up for my first ever performing workshop in an English-speaking country.”

Professional Linguist and Actor, New York City


“Dear Rochel, I’d love to start taking your classes again! I feel like I’ve mastered a lot of pronunciation that used to be a problem! It is so inspiring, it makes me happy and makes me feel much more confident in a conversation – a wonderful feeling!!!! I know, there was some leftover material, we never got a chance to go over – I’d love to work on that, next time I’m in your class! You were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life!!! ”

Olena Yokos
Professional Linguist, New York City

L.M.Vincent author Deb Victoroff writing consultant


“When I needed a reliable, critical eye to help me edit my latest novel, RECEPTION, Deb Victoroff was the first person I contacted.  She not only offered much needed, invaluable advice on structure, but pointed out sections that were unclear and improved the quality and clarity of my writing in general.  She’s the best in the business!”

L.M. Vincent,


“Working with AccentsOff completely changed the way the industry sees me. I am a southern girl from Mississippi. When I meet with casting directors and agents they pay extra attention to my voice as soon as they see where I am from. The past few meetings I’ve had various people have told me they could not hear where I was from. I found the voice recordings especially helpful to really pinpoint the sounds that are the biggest struggle.”

Chelsea Davis, actor
New York City


“I’ve been studying English since I was a kid. However, I never knew there are still so many ways to improve my English until I started this program. My instructor realized I’ve been troubled by several words and patterns, and used her techniques to help me pronounce them correctly. She also noticed that I had a very weak voice and unnatural intonation when I spoke English. Not only did I reduce my English accent and improve my voice… I became a more confident person.”

Tim Chen
English Instructor, Taipei, Taiwan


“Rochel – I have thought of you many times with gratitude…I have kept up my practicing, and know that I still have a way to go – but I do know I have greatly improved! Sometimes when I meet people they do not believe me when I say I am from New York! As a matter of fact, in April I was featured on the Dr. Oz show and all of my friends commented and said: “Where did your New York accent go?”

Jean Larsen
Certified Professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, New York City


“Deb is an expert in advanced business writing and has been a lifesaver, helping me revise, improve, and perfect critical documents. She has helped identify the systematic writing flaws in both my professional work and personal writing (resumes, blogs, articles, emails). She helps me understand my errors so I do not continue to repeat them. The Skype live sessions are useful for clarification of those issues and to discuss, in general, how to improve my business writing and communication skills. In addition, Deb is a sounding board for new ideas and my longer-term creative ambitions as they relate to my writing. A great resource.”

Oscar Rodriguez
New York, NY


“We have met every week for the last five months during our speech improvement sessions. I want to say that I have enjoyed all of them. Every session was very structured, informative, and helpful for me. I have felt more and more confident after every session using my English speaking ability for business meetings, interviews, and everyday communication. It gave me a chance to increase the number and level of my business contacts, and helped me upgrade my business network and create new opportunities for my professional development.”

Taras Glyantsev
Financial Analyst, New York City


“AccentsOff is a phenomenal resource to improve speech and diction. I knew immediately after the initial consultation that I had to enroll in this course. Aside from proper pronunciation and grammar, I was taught an extremely helpful tool called Mind Mapping, which taught me how to better organize my thought pattern into a format parallel to how the brain works.  Learning this simple tool boosted my self-confidence and improved my presentation skills during meetings tremendously. An investment in AccentsOff is an investment in a more successful future.”

Pierre Thompson
New York City


“I would highly recommend Rochel deOliveira’s classes for any person wishing to reduce their accent and improve their speaking ability.  Her individualized instruction helped me not only to speak more clearly, but also to hear the language better.  The homework assignments allowed me to work at my own pace in my free time.  If you are looking for a professional but friendly approach this is the place for you.”

Tatyana d’Hautcort
Founder, DHT Beauty


“It was one of the best decisions in my life to sign up for speech lessons at AccentsOff. I have not only obtained a solid knowledge of American pronunciation, but also confidence in my daily conversations. I was amazed how many words exist with d-like /t/ sound. The whole new world of vocabulary opened up for me. I started to use ‘cidy’, ‘compuder’, ‘wader’, ‘god it’….and I started to sound like a New Yorker!

Maya Repnik
New York City


“My speech has improved so much, changing my image at work as a professional and making me more open to participating in meetings with clients and consultants. Besides the speaking improvements, my daily life communication has also improved e.g. I feel more self-confident speaking English at work, while shopping, during meetings, etc. I absolutely think this has been a really great investment in myself.”

Alexandra P.
Project Manager, CCW Architects


“Since I’ve started these classes, I feel so much more confident about the way I communicate. This work is vital to my professional life. I’m enjoying the classes and sharing the information with everyone I know. I will definitely recommend AccentsOff to my colleagues.”

Yvenna Lysse
Financial Analyst, New York City


“I started taking speech classes early this year from Rochel and have greatly benefitted from those classes. Some of the positives that I will like to highlight about Rochel are:

  • She understands the specific areas of speech to target due to the influence of native foreign language
  • She is very quick to identify the main areas of weakness and the most likely cause of it
  • She is systematic and methodical in her approach. She tackles one issue at a time and moves on to the next one only after she is convinced that the issue has been addressed adequately.

A. Garg
Skype client, U.S.


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