Amy Gervis

Speech-Language Pathologist

Amy Gervis, M.A., CCC-SLP, (Tier 2 Senior Staff Instructor) our presentation training specialist, is a licensed speech-language pathologist who received her Bachelor of Science degree at Emerson College and her Master of Arts degree at the Nathan Weiss Graduate College at Kean University.  Amy presented her Masters thesis at the 2014 New Jersey Speech and Hearing Convention, with research highlighting the increasing number of foreign professionals in the United States and how their accents might affect them in the work force.

Amy has years of experience providing accent modification and articulation therapy and is an award-winning speaker at Toastmasters International, a leading organization in communication and leadership development.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of public speaking with others to help them foster personal and professional growth.

In her spare time, Amy loves to travel.  She spent three months in Europe traveling across 11 different countries, cultivating her passion for accents, languages, and communication styles.

Amy has always loved inspiring people. As team captain of her college lacrosse team, she refined her leadership skills and ability to motivate others to a winning division championship. Likewise, Amy creates a safe and encouraging space to help her accent clients develop their communication skills and build self-confidence.  She holds a Medical Reiki Master Certification, a Japanese healing technique that aims to promote relaxation and well-being for patients and clients.

“I feel more confident with my clients and friends.  Amy helped me with my marriage proposal and it went great! We worked on the articulation of my proposal speech, and I felt clear and confident when I gave it.  Ultimately my now-fiancé said “yes”! Now I have this strong faith that I’m a few steps away from speaking like a native American speaker. ”

-Amged Gad, Profit Rehab, Physical Therapist, NYC

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