Brittany Leaks

Speech-Language Pathologist

brittany thaxtonBrittany Leaks  (Tier 1 Senior Staff online instructor) is a licensed speech-language pathologist and received her Master of Science degree at the University of Texas at Dallas. There, she continued to grow her love of languages and enriched her knowledge of accent modification as a graduate assistant, during which time she co-authored the book Drill Bursts for Articulation Practice.

Brittany has had the pleasure of working with clients in a wide variety of settings throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and New York. She is a native Texan, but with a trained musical ear, a strong performance background, and her continued involvement in choir, Brittany has developed an accent about as “Standard American” as you can get! In her spare time, Brittany enjoys practicing Italian, French, and American Sign Language, auditioning for shows, rowing, and training for half marathons.

Currently living in Houston, Texas, Brittany is one of our most popular instructors. She is available for instruction via videoconference.

American accent training reviews nyc“I have always struggled with my accent. As a result, it was difficult for me to communicate with my coworkers, clients, and friends. In addition, my accent was preventing me from communicating effectively and sounding confident in job interviews. My instructor Brittany has really helped me improve my accent. In every session, we go over a few sounds, we work on the intonation, and making sure that I sound natural. We even have mock interviews which help me feel more confident and prepared. She always pushes me to improve. My coworkers and friends have noticed the improvement in my speech and are really proud of me.”
– Abraham Jimenez, ANN Inc., NY

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