Megan Bussiere

Speech-Language Pathologist

accent reduction and American accent training with speech pathologist Megan BussiereMegan Bussiere, M.A., CCC-SLP (Tier 2 Senior Staff Instructor) received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from Kean University, where she minored in theater and psychology.

During her time at Kean and since graduation, Megan has worked as an actor, singer, voiceover artist, and playwright both nationally and internationally, with a specialty in teaching dialects and accents. She combines her academic background in speech pathology with a wealth of experience in the performing arts to hone her knowledge and skills in accent modification.

In addition to her years of experience teaching the Standard American English accent, Megan is also a skilled dialect coach and can teach Standard British (RP), Standard Irish, Cockney, Standard Russian, Geordie, Southern U.S., and New York City accents.

Megan has traveled and performed throughout the world, including spending one incredible and unique year at Tokyo Disneyland which further fueled her curiosity about foreign cultures and her passion for international communication. Megan is also a certified Reiki master and practitioner.

“I just wanted to say that I’m very happy with Megan’s accent reduction training – I think she is fantastic – absolutely precise and clear in her explanations. Her knowledge about speech and language in general seems to be immense. I’ve encountered quite a few accent reduction coaches in New York, and she really stands out to me.”

– Toni Goldman, Actor/Musician/Poet, NYC

“I took classes with Megan at AccentsOff to work on some pronunciation issues in my speech. She was able to tailor her teaching methods to my specific needs and to my preference for a very analytical approach to learning. Megan has a great ear for correctly identifying the problems and providing the concrete phonological rules that I need to apply to correct them. I highly recommend her.”

– George, Investment Analyst, New York


Check out this video of Megan hamming it up on stage:

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