Rochel deOliveira

Founder and Director

Rochel deOliveira founder and director AccentsOff expert NYC accent reductionRochel deOliveira, M.S., CCC-SLP is the founder and director of AccentsOff Speech and Voice Improvement and a New York State-licensed speech pathologist. Rochel received her Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Columbia University and served as a lead consultant for the Sam Chwat Speech Center since 2006, assisting business professionals, actors, and voiceover artists in areas of accent reduction, accent acquisition, voice improvement, and presentation skills. She received intensive training by the late Mr. Chwat, also known as the “Speech Coach to the Stars”, who in turn worked with hundreds of celebrities including Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts, and Kathleen Turner.

Rochel has years of experience helping her clients improve their speech, voice, and presentation skills. She is a native of New York City, holds dual citizenship with Germany, and is an avid tennis player. Rochel is also an accomplished classical pianist, has taught at the conservatory level for many years, and has performed in many venues including Carnegie Hall. She brings a musician’s ear to her speech work, and loves helping clients find their most clear and beautiful voice.

Rochel, thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher in my accent reduction class. I have learned so much about the American accent in a few months. I can definitely see improvement in speaking and even writing (in an unexpected way) Your top-rated professionalism, rich teaching techniques, deep understanding of foreign students’ speaking habits, and constant efforts to create a friendly learning atmosphere all make my class more productive. I would like to recommend your class to any of my friends who are considering to learn the American accent.

-Yang Huang, New York City

A TRIBUTE TO MY MOTHER – the great artist Margot Serowy

Margot Serowy in her Vermont gallery

With the daily news of thousands of desperate people fleeing their countries in search of a safe place to consider home, I think often about my mother Margot Serowy (b.1937), a German child refugee during World War 2. Margot emigrated to the U.S. as a young adult, when she first began painting her memories of the atrocities she witnessed and experienced as a burdened 7-year-old child. Along with her “Refugee” series, Margot’s prolific output includes hundreds of landscapes and still-lifes. I want to share her marvelous art with the world. Please take a look at her website, share with others, and enjoy!

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