Foreign Accent Reduction Classes

Your foreign accent gives your speech character and charm. But when it makes you self-conscious or misunderstood, it impacts your daily life, career, and personal relationships.

Reducing your accent isn’t really about “reduction”. It’s actually learning the Standard American English Accent to refine your pronunciation and get closer to the posture and cadence you hear from native speakers. Our instructors have helped hundreds of clients improve their American English, minimize their foreign accents, and speak with clarity, confidence, and charisma.

For our clients in professional fields, we tailor our programs to be industry-specific, and help you learn correct pronunciation for the vocabulary you use every day. Every engagement starts with an in-depth consultation to develop a workable strategy.

accent reduction coaching Rochel deOliveira“I’ve been studying English since I was a kid. However, I never knew there are still so many ways to improve my English until I met Rochel. She is a very patient instructor and customizes her class for every client. She realized I’ve been troubled by several English words, so she used her techniques to help me pronounce them correctly. She also noticed that I had a very weak voice and unnatural intonation when I spoke English, so she helped me go through the voice exercises in every session.

Not only did I reduce my English accent and improve my voice… I became a more confident person.”

– Tim Chen, English Instructor, Taipei, Taiwan

Who Are Our Clients?

  • People wishing to reduce their foreign accent to be understood more easily

  • Professionals in industries including business, finance, dramatic arts, medicine, education, government, and law who want to sound more American

  • Companies who are seeking better communication skills for their foreign-born employees, including expats preparing for a move to the United States

More About our Foreign Accent Reduction Training Programs
  • We begin by designing a short-term and fast-paced training program just for you. In your free, 1:1 evaluation, we analyze the differences between your current speech pattern and a neutral (Standard American English) accent.

  • We also evaluate your speaking voice (the “complexion” of your speech) and your use of grammar and vocabulary.

  • After the evaluation, you will know which American pronunciation sounds and intonation patterns you and your instructor will need to target in your sessions.

  • You’ll also receive custom mp3 recordings of the vocabulary YOU use every day in your personal and professional life, and review pronunciation of these terms in each session.

  • We incorporate work on the “scripts” you use every day on the phone and on any upcoming presentations for accuracy of English pronunciation and delivery.

  • Materials are included in the cost of the program and are provided in both text and mp3 format.

  • We have three tiers of instructors. You can work with a licensed speech-language pathologist, an AccentsOff certified accent trainer, or the program director. Fees are determined by instructor and schedule.

  • Daily practice is essential, but your dedicated commitment to improve your speech and reduce your foreign accent is a short-term investment that will benefit you in your career and personal life for years to come.

If you want the confidence of clear and powerful speech,
contact AccentsOff today.