American English Intonation Training.

Pitch, stress, rhythm. The nuance behind pronunciation.

As children, we develop natural speech inflections that express our native language and culture. When you learn a new language, you often keep that original intonation. This can make communication difficult, no matter how broad your vocabulary.

At AccentsOff, we offer tailored intonation training, so that you can master the rhythms, pitch, and stress of American English. We’ll start by evaluating the intonation of your accent and identifying key areas to work on. Perhaps you speak too quickly, or you don’t stress the right words.

Maybe you have an issue with connecting words like “can” and “the.”  Your speech may feel choppy…or  somehow the connections between words just don’t flow naturally.

We can help you improve your American intonation, on all levels. We’ll set you up with exercises, recordings, and texts to help you master the pace and patterns of American English, so that you can carry on a clear and vibrant conversation.

If you’re ready to speak with the intonation Americans expect in conversation, contact us today.

  • Sample Intonation Exercise

    Each language has its own intonation patterns. Intonation and pronunciation are usually both based on a speaker’s native language, resulting in an accent. “Intonation” technically refers to pitch (the highs and lows in speech), but the term is also used broadly to include pitch, rhythm, stress, and the way we connect words.

    Do you use the intonation patterns of your native language? Do people sometimes have a difficult time understanding you? We will introduce you to the rules you need to know to get closer to the patterns of American English intonation.

    Another approach to improving intonation is simply by imitating native speakers. Your accent reduction training may include exercises that target learning the intonation patterns of basic statements and questions we all use every day (e.g. “May I have a menu?” or “I’d like to schedule an appointment.”) MP3 recordings with accompanying texts are included for home practice.

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