What You Get In Every Class

Guidance...and homework!

  • accent reduction pronunciation improvementWritten practice materials with corresponding mp3 audio recordings for the American English speech sounds and intonation patterns YOU need to master.

  • Customized mp3 recording featuring the words and phrases YOU use everyday in your professional and personal life. Legal terms, medical terminology, finance vocabulary. Any words you use on a daily basis that need IMMEDIATE improvement.

  • Practice texts and with mp3 recordings of the phrases, sentences, and questions we ALL use every day: during meetings, meals out with friends, making transportation arrangements, etc., designed for you to learn Standard American English intonation, rhythm, and stress patterns.

  • All accent reduction classes include time devoted to review the week’s “communication moments”: words that people asked you to repeat, professional presentations that fell short despite adequate preparation, and social situations that could have been somehow more fulfilling.

  • Time in every class for CONVERSATIONAL PRACTICE to improve your self-monitoring and pronunciation skills.

  • All accent reduction classes are taught  by a licensed speech-language pathologist or certified AccentsOff instructor.

AND…starting in the VERY FIRST SESSION:

  • Improved CLARITY
    when you speak

  • Improved

  • Improved CONFIDENCE

AccentsOff is a phenomenal resource to improve one’s speech and diction.  I knew immediately after the initial consultation that I had to enroll in this course.  The one-on-one sessions were vital in identifying problems in my diction and providing training and resources to correct them.  Aside from proper pronunciation and grammar I was taught an extremely helpful tool called Mind Mapping.Mind Mapping taught me how to better organize my thought pattern into a format parallel to how the brain works.  Learning this simple tool boosted my self-confidence and improved my presentation skills during meetings tremendously.  An investment in AccentsOff is an investment in a more successful future.”
– Pierre Thompson, New York City

If you want the confidence of clear and powerful speech,
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