Executive Speech and Accent Training

English pronunciation training and presentation improvement

Great communication is the pulse of a successful business. Perhaps you’re an HR administrator onboarding an international hire. Maybe you’re a young, foreign-born professional rising in your career but wishing for more confidence while speaking to clients and colleagues.  In either case, you know how critical and valuable first-class communication is.

If you were raised outside of the U.S., or if you are an administrator working with non-native English speakers, you know that a foreign accent can sometimes be a stumbling block to a successful career path, no matter the level of education and technical expertise.

We can help your employees gain confidence and improve their skills speaking with the American accent, in as little as 6-8 weeks. Our instructors have worked with hundreds of international companies and business institutions (see our client list).

At AccentsOff, we offer executive and business speech training in both private 1:1 sessions and group training, at our Midtown West NYC offices, at your location, or via videoconference.  We help clients improve their pronunciation of English using our “GAP© method: jump-starting GLOBAL speaking skills, addressing daily practice goals based on ANALYTICAL assessment, while always keeping the work PRACTICAL – and fun!

We can help your employee improve his or her day-to-day vocabulary pronunciation, prepare for routine as well as major speaking events, and make presentation skills come alive. Approaching training holistically, we’ll address:

  • Executive speech and accent coachingaccent reduction and accent management

  • voice training

  • diction and intonation

  • industry-specific vocabulary

  • body language and non-verbal communication

  • cultural and social cues (e.g. how to use small talk)

  • telephone protocols

  • business writing skills

We called in with a very important time-sensitive request to support a key training initiative. Rochel and her team jumped through hoops to prepare and deliver a first-class, very effective solution that delivered the impact and results we needed. AccentsOff is very professional, responsive and they deliver. We will work with Rochel and her team again (and again).

– Noel Wax, CEO, GroundSwell Group.

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