Regional Accent Reduction Classes

Get rid of NYC New York accentLong Island diphthongs. A southern twang. A Bostonian who “pahk”s his “cah.”

Almost everyone raised in the U.S. has some kind of regional accent—and each one is part of what makes the U.S. an amazingly diverse place to be. But if yours is too defined, it may damage your social standing and image.

Reducing your regional accent is a matter of addition, not subtraction: you’ll need to learn the “Standard” American English accent. At AccentsOff, we help you minimize your regional accent by developing more neutral pronunciations. Our customized training targets the speech sounds characteristic of your region and methodically trains you to form habits aligned with American English pronunciation. As your accent fades, you will be delighted to discover a newfound confidence and clarity.

AccentsOff offers private, customized training for you to learn and use Standard American English and reduce your regional accent. We are ready to meet you online – from anywhere in the country.

  • Rochel – I have thought of you many times with gratitude…I do know I have greatly improved! Sometimes when I meet people they do not believe me when I say I am from New York! As a matter of fact, in April I was featured on the Dr. Oz show and all of my friends commented and said “Where did your New York accent go?”

    — Jean Larsen, Certified Professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, NYC

  • My speech has improved dramatically in the past six months: I’ve eliminated most of my Southern accent, and have improved my pronunciation and diction significantly. This improvement has helped me in getting my message across to my professional business clients, as well as in my personal life. Just wish I’d started sooner!”

    – William Lavelle, President, Right Medical Products, Inc. Virginia Beach, VA

More about our Regional Accent Reduction Classes
  • We begin by designing a short-term and fast-paced training program just for you. In your free, private evaluation, we analyze the differences between your current speech pattern and a neutral (Standard American English) accent.

  • We then create a program customized for you, based on your unique speech and voice profile.

  • You’ll receive intensive and customized accent reduction practice using Standard American English pronunciation in structured reading and conversational tasks.

  • You’ll also receive recordings of the vocabulary you use every day in your personal and professional life, and review pronunciation of these terms in each session (see a sample). We incorporate work on the “scripts” you use every day on the phone and on any upcoming presentations for accuracy of English pronunciation and delivery.

  • Our approach includes attention to both ear training and tongue/jaw/lip placement, and guarantees change and improvement starting with the very first session.

  • Materials are included in the cost of the program and are provided in both text and audio format.

  • You will work with an AccentsOff certified, experienced instructor. Many of our trainers are ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists. 

  • Daily practice is essential, but your dedicated commitment to improve your speech and reduce your regional accent is a short-term investment that will benefit you in your career and personal life for years to come.

If you want the confidence of clear and powerful speech,
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