Care of the Speaking Voice

how to improve speaking voiceWe can keep our voices in optimal health by observing a few guidelines. Here are just a few:

  • Stay hydrated…and coffee and soda don’t count. Most people require a minimum of eight 8-oz glasses of water daily. Aggravating factors that dry out your voice include air travel, smoking, alcohol consumption, certain medications, and heavy voice use. Keep your throat moist by sipping water throughout the day.

  • Sports fans: cut back on the shouting and screaming, or learn how to do it safely: Cup your hands around your mouth to focus the sound. Make the consonants louder and back off on the vowels. Or just do The Wave!!

  • Avoid throat clearing as it slams the vocal cords together. Some people do this hundreds of times a day. Try this instead: Cough gently and then swallow. With or without liquid. Swallowing is like a gentle massage to the vocal cords and can get rid of the tickle in your throat without making them even more irritated.

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