American Accent Training: Our Company Values

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I recently asked some of our accent reduction instructors to contemplate and articulate our company values. Here is what our senior accent instructor and speech pathologist Brittany Leaks had to say (love this!):


GROWTH: We want to help our clients grow: grow their confidence speaking American English, grow their knowledge, and grow their understanding as to how to improve themselves as American English speakers.

OPENNESS: We are honest with our clients about what they can expect from us, and what they need to improve their American English accent speaking skills; we are open to change and open to new ideas to help us become better clinicians and instructors.

SERVICE: We provide speech improvement services because we care about our clients and their success in the various fields they have chosen. We want our students to improve, and so enjoy seeing how our service and training helps them achieve their goals.

Thank you, Brittany!