Presentation Skill Training

A great presentation is transcendent. It channels passion and excitement. It delivers a simple but memorable message. How can you become an all-star presenter when you struggle with public speaking?

We love helping professionals develop their presentation and public speaking skills through clear and confident speech. We design a speech improvement and presentation training program tailored to your specific needs. We work with you so you can present yourself and your subject with certainty, poise, and personal style.

Presentation skill training sessions may be scheduled on an as-needed basis or as part of an ongoing speech improvement or accent reduction training program, in both private and small group settings. Let us know more about you and your company’s needs.

  • Get ready for that upcoming presentation in the privacy of a one-to-one session

  • Verify that your content is clearly organized

  • Learn to use visual aids that improve memorization and delivery of material

  • Improve your ability to clarify your message using proper timing, stress, body language, and vocal intonation

  • Present technical information clearly, concisely, and persuasively

  • Review pronunciation of key terms

  • Learn how to grab audience attention and manage presentation anxiety

  • Learn how to read your audience and adapt your material accordingly

  • Become aware of and eliminate distracting mannerisms

  • Implement persuasive communication techniques with control and confidence


If you want the confidence of clear and powerful speech,
contact AccentsOff today.