Online American Accent Training

Weekly 1:1 remote video classes - from your home or office

Group accent reduction online trainingCOMING IN 2019 (Dates TBA):

Our first-ever Online Group Accent Reduction programs – each course is designed for a specific accent background.

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Whether you’re on the road, live outside of New York, or want to rehearse an upcoming presentation, we offer online training in all of our areas of expertise. Choose private 1:1 weekly classes or team up with a friend for semi-private instruction.

Our virtual sessions offer the same level of personalization as our private sessions. Using Skype (or FaceTime, Hangouts, etc.), we offer a free accent evaluation with one of our licensed and certified in-house instructors.

If you choose to move forward with classes, we’ll tailor a customized program with interactive exercises based on your unique speech profile.

Do you have a presentation coming up? Schedule a single session and rehearse it online with us. We’ll review and advise regarding pronunciation, stress and vocal cadence, and even content.

It’s as if your instructor is right there in the room with you—helping you take the hard edges off your accent and develop the speech you’ve always wanted.

Discover the convenience and flexibility of quality accent reduction classes in the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an Internet connection and a webcam.

  • Meet with us on Skype or the videoconference platform of your choice

  • Choose between private instruction and semi-private (group of 2) classes with a friend or colleague

  • Skype sessions are available 7 days a week, including weeknights

  • All materials including PDFs and MP3s are emailed to you for every session

  • In-person private and small-group accent reduction classes in our convenient New York City midtown office are also available.

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