American Accent Training Classes
Accent Reduction Coaching

Program Costs

  • No charge for initial 1:1 evaluation.

  • Fees are determined at time of consultation. Rate varies depending on schedule, instructor, and number of sessions.

  • Programs are set up as packages, with private (1:1) instruction ranging between approximately $120 and $210 per class, and semi-private (2:1) instruction ranging between approximately $85 and $135 per class (per person).  Classes are scheduled 1-2x per week, but we will work with you and your schedule.

  • All major credit cards, PayPal, checks, and cash are accepted.

Private Instruction Pricing Tiers

* Tier 1 YPS (Young Professional and Student) Program: perfect if you are looking for highly qualified 1:1 private instruction at a reduced rate.  In-person classes are available weekday mornings/afternoons and online classes are available at select times during weekdays, weeknight, and weekends.

* Tier 2 Program: Work with a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist or senior accent/dialect trainer. Available 7 days a week including weekday evenings.

* Tier 3 Program: Work with our program director and company founder Rochel deOliveira.

For more information about pricing, please contact us and set up a complimentary evaluation.