Group American Accent Training

Create your own accent reduction group - start anytime

Perhaps you and your friends share the same native language and have been wanting to work on improving your American accent. Maybe you’re an HR professional with a handful of international hires and would group accent reduction classes American accentlike us to come to you.

Our group sessions are ideal for friends, coworkers, and families, and are held at our offices or a location of your choice. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll work with you to create a custom schedule.  We have multiple classrooms at our site accommodating groups of 2-3 and groups of 4-6 students.

As with our private sessions, our instructors create customized plans for your group. Learn the features of American English pronunciation and intonation that you need to sound clear and credible. Our practice texts and mp3’s will make it easy for you to internalize what you learn with daily homework:

  • phonemes/sounds of American English, taught systemically and at a user-friendly pace

  • rules of American intonation with practice exercises

  • introduction to American accent oral posture

  • vocabulary specific to your industry

  • pronunciation of names and words you use in daily social interactions

To learn how you can improve your American accent in an environment that’s social, flexible, and highly effective, please contact us for more information about our small-group classes.


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