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Be Confident
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Get personalized 1:1 accent reduction
and voice improvement training.

Your instructor will meet you in real time,
in our New York City office or on Zoom.

 💬 In-person or Zoom training
💬 Top-rated NYC business since 2011
💬 Open 7 days a week
💬 Speech Pathologist instructors with Master’s degrees
💬 Instructors all U.S.-born
💬 350+ Practice Files (PDF with Audio)

Learn to speak with clarity and confidence.

When you speak with an accent, people often struggle to understand you. They even ask you to repeat yourself, causing you to lose confidence. You want to fit in, be heard, and get ahead, but your accent is holding you back. With accent reduction training, you will improve your American accent and learn to speak clearly. Your 1:1 training is customized and interactive, using time-tested methods.

Speak clearly and more confidently

When you speak with confidence, people take notice. Express yourself fully, engage with others, and move your career forward.

Be heard and gain respect

Get noticed for what you say, not how you say it. When people understand you, your words have more power. Get more respect in your work and in life.

Succeed at work and in your social life

Whether you’re giving a presentation or want to participate more professionally and socially, you’ll discover your clearest, most confident voice.

Our simple 3-step process

Contact us for a 15-minute Zoom Discovery Call to discuss your goals and find out all about our program. We’ll help you start to create a personalized action plan.

Schedule a free online or in-person Speech and Voice Evaluation with one of our Accent Instruction Specialists. This will be an in-depth assessment of your speech and accent where you will learn exactly how our training can help you.

Start your 1:1 personalized accent reduction and voice training. You will be guided into your new Standard American accent, step by step – with lifetime access to your practice recordings and texts.

Find out how an Accent Reduction training can change your life.

It’s easier than you think to learn to speak with an American accent. AccentsOff will train you to speak with clarity and confidence. Our classes are interactive, creative, and fun. You will work 1:1 with a live instructor. (All our instructors are U.S. native-born English speakers.)

The first step is to start a conversation with our team. In your 20-minute Zoom Discovery Call, we’ll get to know each other, discuss program details, and set up a time for your free Speech and Voice Evaluation.

Who We Work With

What Our Clients Say About AccentsOff

Increased my business network

“I feel more confident after every session using my English speaking ability for business meetings, interviews, and daily communication. I have increased the number and level of my business contacts, upgraded my business network and created new opportunities for my professional development.”

Taras Glyantsev
Taras Glyantsev

Financial Analyst, NYC


“My speech has improved so much, changing my image at work as a professional and making me more open to participating in meetings with clients and consultants. I feel more self-confident speaking English and absolutely think my accent reduction training has been a great investment in myself.”

Alexandra P.
Alexandra P.

Project Manager, CCW Architects

Mastered pronunciation

“I feel like I’ve mastered a lot of pronunciation that used to be a problem! It is so inspiring, it makes me happy and makes me feel much more confident in a conversation – a wonderful feeling!!!! Rochel, you were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life!!!”

Olena Yokos
Olena Yokos

Professional Linguist, NYC

With accent reduction training, you will learn to speak with clarity and confidence

We understand how critical it is to stay a step ahead of the competition and take control where we can. Learning how to become a crystal-clear, engaging speaker is one of the most important life investments you can make. Find out more about improving your American accent by scheduling a Discovery Call and complimentary Speech Evaluation.

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