Brittany Leaks

Brittany Leaks (Senior Staff instructor) is a licensed speech-language pathologist and received her Master of Science degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is a co-author of the book Drill Bursts for Articulation Practice and has been a team instructor for AccentsOff for the past several years.

Brittany guides foreign-born clients all over the world to improve their accent and speech. She is a native Texan, but with her trained musical ear and love of singing in a choir, Brittany has developed an accent about as “Standard American” as you can get!

Brittany enjoys practicing Italian, French, and American Sign Language, auditioning for shows, rowing, and training for half marathons.

“I have always struggled with my accent. It was difficult for me to communicate with my coworkers, clients, and friends. My instructor Brittany has really helped me improve. In every session, we go over a few sounds, work on the intonation, and make sure I sound natural. We even have mock job interviews which help me feel more confident and prepared. My coworkers and friends have noticed the improvement in my speech and are really proud of me.”

– Abraham Jimenez, ANN Inc., NY

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