How It Works

Everyone learns differently. Some people prefer the personalized and laser-like focus of private instruction; others thrive on the shared learning and camaraderie of a semi-private class with a friend or colleague.

We will explore what aspects of your speech and voice need improvement to make you the best speaker you can be. Whether you call it “accent reduction training”, “American accent improvement”, or “elocution classes”, the bottom line is that we design a customized curriculum for your unique speaking voice based on the goals you wish to achieve.

To find out more about Accent Reduction or Voice Improvement training, just book a 15-minute Zoom Discovery Call.

How accent and voice training sessions work

You learn an accent by listening to others. You unlearn an accent by listening to yourself. Our approach teaches you to hear how your speech is different from Standard American English. By tuning into the patterns and sounds you need to change, you learn to monitor and correct your own speech. If it’s voice improvement you are looking for, we can help with that as well.  

It’s that simple – and it works for a lifetime.

We are offering private accent reduction and voice improvement training on Zoom and in our office on Fifth Avenue in Midtown NYC. 

Each week, you will work closely with your dedicated instructor and gradually learn, step by step, how to make your speech closer to that of a native speaker.

You’ll practice the correct pronunciation of vowels, consonants, and industry-specific vocabulary. We will also teach you how to fluently connect words and make a new habit of using American English rhythm, intonation, oral posture, and vocal resonance.

Each program begins with a complimentary 1:1 live evaluation where we begin to customize your curriculum.

After that, you can register for a package of 45-minute classes. Each week, your instructor will introduce new material and help you get better at what you’ve already practiced together. You’ll work on correcting your American English at the detailed level of sounds, words, and sentences – always practicing everything in conversation. And you’ll be coached on how to use our unique home library of practice texts and recordings to reinforce, refine, and internalize your American accent skills – for life.

Contact us for a 15-minute Zoom Discovery Call to determine your goals, schedule, budget, and create a personalized action plan.

Schedule a free online Speech Evaluation with one of our Accent Instruction Specialists. This will be an in-depth assessment of your speech and accent where you will learn exactly how our training can help you.

Start your 1:1 personalized training sessions. You will be guided into your new Standard American accent, step by step – and you’ll have lifetime access to our online practice recordings and texts.

3 Steps to speaking clearly in an American accent

Step 1 is to schedule a 15-minute Zoom Discovery Call. We’ll discuss your background and goals, describe the way our program works, and help you schedule a complimentary Speech and Accent Evaluation.

Step 2: You’ll meet with one of our Accent Instruction Specialists instructors for a live, 1:1 evaluation. In this comprehensive speech assessment, you’ll learn all about your accent patterns, including:

  • Pronunciation
  • Intonation, stress, rhythm
  • Accent physicality and oral posture

You may also have questions about:

  • Presentation strategies and training
  • Social speech (e.g. “small talk”)
  • “Body” language
  • Online communication skills
  • Grammar/vocabulary/writing

The Evaluation takes less than 1 hour and is free of charge. You’ll come away knowing specifically what changes you need to make in your speech – and leave with an action plan.

Step 3: Start your 1:1 live accent reduction training classes! Schedule your Discovery Call today to find out more and get the process started.

Private 1:1 Accent Reduction Sessions

How our classes work

Most of our students take private or semi-private classes 1-2x weekly, either online or in person. The program length depends on your assessment and what you’re looking to achieve. Interested in sharing the accent reduction experience with a friend or colleague? You find a partner, we’ll help you set up a semi-private program.

Each session is carefully planned to address your specific needs, with home study materials tailored just for you. In fact, you’ll have lifetime access to our library of audio files and instructions to help you maintain your new improved American accent.

Our approach is designed to help you with conversation in everyday life—whether you’re seeking a job promotion, preparing for a presentation, or just spending an afternoon with new friends. You’ll be speaking with clarity and confidence starting in your first session.

Our clients also use their sessions to:

• get ready for presentations or auditions
• prepare podcasts or videos
• prepare for job interviews
• practice social “small talk”
• eliminate fillers (“um”, “kind of”)
• work out how to get ready to launch a new career

What Our Clients Say About AccentsOff


“I started taking speech classes early this year from Rochel and have greatly benefitted from them. Some of the positives about Rochel are:
• Understanding the specific areas of speech to target
• Recognizes the influence of native foreign language
• Quick to identify the main areas of weakness and the likely cause of it
• She is systematic and methodical in her approach.

A. Garg, Skype client, U.S.
A. Garg, Skype client, U.S.


“It was one of the best decisions in my life to sign up for speech lessons at AccentsOff. I have not only obtained a solid knowledge of American pronunciation, but also confidence in my daily conversations. A whole new world of vocabulary opened up for me. I started to use ‘cidy’, ‘compuder’, ‘wader’, ‘god it’….and started to sound like a New Yorker!

Maya Repnik, NYC
Maya Repnik, NYC


“I highly recommend AccentsOff classes for any person wishing to reduce their accent and improve their speaking ability. Her individualized instruction helped me not only to speak more clearly, but also to hear the language better. If you are looking for a professional but friendly approach this is the place for you.”

Tatyana d’Hautcort
Tatyana d’Hautcort

Founder, DHT Beauty

Start speaking with clarity and confidence

We understand how critical it is to stay a step ahead of the competition and take control where we can. Learning how to become a crystal-clear, engaging speaker is one of the most important life investments you can make. Find out more about improving your American accent by scheduling a Discovery Call and complimentary Speech Evaluation.

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