Accent Reduction Training for Actors

Are you feeling limited in your acting career because of a foreign or regional accent? Is your diction or speech getting in the way of nailing auditions? Are you longing to stop being constantly typecast?

We understand the special requirements of performers and many of our speech pathologist instructors are personally familiar with the acting world.  Find out how an Accent Reduction training course can help you move forward in your career.

Take your classes on Zoom from anywhere or in our NYC Midtown East office.

At AccentsOff, we can help you rise in your acting career with training in:

  • Accent modification, accent elimination, and English pronunciation
  • American English Accent
  • International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Voiceover coaching
  • Resonant Voice Therapy and general vocal skills
  • Delivery, timing, and diction improvement

Whether you are a seasoned actor or just starting to build your career, we would love to meet you and help you on your way. Our instructors are a team of speech-language pathologists and American English accent coaches trained by company founder Rochel deOliveira. Our approach is based on the Sam Chwat Method in combination with oral posture work, International Phonetic Alphabet application, and ear training.

Our academic and pedagogical credentials are complemented by our varied backgrounds in the arts (music, acting, writing, languages). This unique combination allows us to teach with sensitively-tuned ears and eyes while encouraging our students to develop mindfulness and good practice habits.

Effective communication is essential for actors and performers

Accent Reduction Training for Actors helps performers in television, film, theater, and voice-over work. Improve day-to-day pronunciation, prepare for auditions and performances, and learn to speak clearly and persuasively.

The work you do with us is confidential and fully personalized. We understand how critical a Standard American accent is for your career, and aim to help you achieve success in the shortest amount of time.

Book a Discovery Call to find out more. We’ll help you set up a complimentary Accent Evaluation and action plan.

How our accent reduction instructors work

Starting with your complimentary Speech Evaluation, you’ll collaborate with one of our American Accent instructors and work on a customized curriculum, which may include:

  • accent reduction
  • American accent training
  • cold reading practice
  • audition preparation
  • oral posture and dialect training
  • diction and intonation improvement
  • “body language” and non-verbal communication skills

What Our Clients Say About AccentsOff

Getting cast for more roles

“Rochel knows exactly how to identify every single problem regarding my accent. Accent and speech are crucial in the acting business to get cast for more roles and not be stuck to foreigners’ parts. I highly recommend Rochel deOliveira’s lessons to the serious foreign actor who wants to have a career in America.”

Anne-Cécile Bégot
Anne-Cécile Bégot

Actress, New York City

Rochel is as proficient as sam

“Had a brush-up session today with Rochel after rigorous studying with my dear coach, the late Sam Chwat, who helped me eliminate my European accent and acquire Standard American Speech. Sam was the wonderful man who trained Rochel, and I’m happy to say, she is as proficient and wonderful as he was!”

Nattacia Sati
Nattacia Sati

Actress, New York City

An Actor and Linguist's Review

““It is a pleasure to be taught by such a professional like you, Deb. I successfully graduated from a screen acting course in Britain. The tutors didn’t even recognize my country of origin until I told them. Only due to your support could I sign up for my first-ever performing workshop in an English-speaking country.”


Professional Actor and Linguist, NYC

Start speaking more clearly and confidently

We love working with actors and want you to nail that next audition with confidence. Find out more about improving your American accent by scheduling a Discovery Call and complimentary speech evaluation.

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