American Accent Training

When you speak with an accent, people often struggle to understand you. They ask you to repeat yourself, causing you to lose confidence. You want to fit in, be heard, and get ahead but your accent is holding you back.

Whether you have a non-native or regional accent, American Accent Training can help. Book a Discovery Call, find out about our 1:1 instruction, and get started improving your Standard American Accent now.

Meet us for sessions on Zoom or in-person in NYC.

Do people keep asking you to repeat yourself?

American Accent training for the non-native English speaker

Moving to a new country is hard enough. Having trouble being understood can make it harder. Accent improvement training can change that.

Are you tired of immediately being asked where you’re from? Do you worry that people judge you by how you speak, rather than what you say?

Perhaps you speak too quickly, or you don’t stress the right words. Your speech may feel choppy …or somehow the connections between words just don’t flow naturally. Or maybe you are unsure about the pronunciation of …too many words.

Although accents are not true indicators of education, skill, or socio-economic status, they can be stigmatizing. A non-native accent can make it difficult for you to be understood, resulting in serious professional or social setbacks.

We can help. Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call with one of our company specialists to find out more.

Regional Accent Reduction Classes

Long Island diphthongs. A southern twang. A Bostonian who “pahks his cah.”

Almost everyone raised in the United States has some kind of regional accent. And each accent is part of what makes the U.S. an amazingly diverse place. But if your accent is too defined, it may get in the way of your social standing and public image. Learning a “Standard” American English accent gives you the flexibility to speak in a style that will make it seem like you could be from anywhere in the country.

At AccentsOff, you will minimize your regional accent by developing more neutral pronunciations.

Our private, customized training targets the speech sounds characteristic of your region and methodically trains you to form habits aligned with a more standard style of American English pronunciation. As your accent fades, you will be delighted to discover newfound confidence and clarity. Learn more about how it works.

The first step is to schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call, where you can tell us all about yourself and find out more about our program. We will help you set up a complimentary Speech Evaluation and start your accent training. You will hear improvements starting in the very first session.

What is an American accent?

A Standard American Accent is characterized by a “neutral” quality. It’s sometimes called the accent without an accent. It’s often associated with the speech of broadcasters and to many ears, sounds “mainstream” and well educated.

Relaxed and fluid, the pronunciation and intonation of the American Accent sends a clear message, free of distractions.

What we do in our American Accent training

At AccentsOff,  you will learn features and characteristics of the standard American Accent gradually, at a pace that is comfortable for you. We can help with diction, elocution, and pronunciation.

Our team of licensed speech pathologists and Accent Instruction Specialists have extensive experience in American accent training. Find out more about how it all works here.

Don’t let your accent hold you back. Start speaking with clarity and confidence today.

When you speak more clearly, you will be heard and understood, giving you the confidence you need to succeed personally and professionally. Set up a Discovery Call and get started with a professional Speech Evaluation and action plan.

What Our Clients Say About AccentsOff

Results are obvious

“I strongly recommend Accents Off if you want to reduce your accent, speak more clearly, and increase your confidence when speaking. The classes are fun and the results so obvious.”

Luis Felipe Damian
Luis Felipe Damian

São Paulo, Brazil

Improvements every week

“I’m very happy to have discovered AccentsOff. I’ve been taking semi-private classes with Rochel, and I see improvements in my speech every week. Her method combined with a lot of practice achieves noticeable results. Definitely a big confidence booster!”


Brooklyn NY

Something was off

“I felt unhappy about my accent for years and knew there was something off, but could not figure it out by myself. Bianca identified incorrect sound patterns and a lot more that never hit me before. After 7 months of training, I am doing much more than I expected.”

Li R
Li R

New York

Start speaking with an American accent and feel more confident

We understand how critical it is to stay a step ahead of the competition and take control where we can. Learning how to become a crystal-clear, engaging speaker is one of the most important life investments you can make. Find out more about improving your American accent by scheduling a Discovery Call and complimentary Speech Evaluation.

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