Accent, Identity, and My American DNA

In search of my American DNA There are many good reasons to hire an accent coach to help with accent correction. If your job description includes communication in any capacity (and really, which job doesn’t?), mastering your accent will definitely make you a better communicator. Accent work will improve your delivery, boost your confidence and…

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how to lose accent
Really-Tough-to-Understand accent

The Fake Microphone Strategy

An accent, whether foreign or regional, can be described as a package of substitutions. Non-native speakers who have an accent substitute features of their original language’s accent for features of their secondary language. An accent can be described by variations in pronunciation, intonation and rhythm patterns, resonance, “vibe”, and general vocal tract physicality. Add to…

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Introduction to American Culture, Part 1

Many of our accent reduction students are interested not only in perfecting their pronunciation but also want to better understand the American psyche.  An introduction to American culture helps them understand us betterThe American English language reveals the American personality. Like Americans themselves, our language is a world where exceptions are the rules, where consistent pronunciation…

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