Our Instructors

Meet AccentsOff’s instructors, the team that will guide you in speaking more clearly and confidently. We are all passionate about helping our clients speak clearly and feel more confident about their communication skills.

Our 1:1 accent training program is designed to have you speaking with an improved American accent. Our clients experience greater success at work and in their social lives because they are being heard and understood. And our instructors are all U.S.-based and speak Standard American English.

Our Team of Accent Reduction Instructors

We are a team of certified speech-language pathologists and senior-level accent specialists. Each AccentsOff instructor holds a Masters-level academic degree and has completed a rigorous in-house training program.

Our academic and pedagogical credentials are complemented by our varied backgrounds in the arts (music, acting, writing, languages). This unique combination allows us to teach with sensitively-tuned ears and eyes while encouraging our students to develop mindfulness and good practice habits.

Who you will work with

Your speech training will be guided by a member of our team of Accent Specialists. During your Zoom Discovery Call, you’ll be carefully matched up with one of our staff instructors for a complimentary speech and accent evaluation. You will continue working with your instructor once you start sessions.

Each instructor has the professional and academic background to guide you through a course of intensive study rich in content, with personalized attention and proven results.

Schedule your 15-minute Discovery Call to find out more and get started.

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors Rochel deOliveira Portrait

Rochel deOliveira


Rochel deOliveira is the founder and director of AccentsOff Speech and Voice Improvement and a New York State-licensed speech pathologist. Rochel received her Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Columbia University and served as a lead consultant for the Sam Chwat Speech Center since 2006…(read more)

Our Instructors Bianca Mazor Portrait

Bianca Mazor


Bianca received her Master of Science at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. She grew up as a bilingual Russian/English speaker in New York City which instilled in her a personal sensitivity to the professional, emotional, and cultural issues that straddling two cultures and two languages can bring…(read more)


Rita Haber

M.S. CCC-SLP (Speech Pathologist Instructor)

Rita has studied Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian. She spent a portion of her childhood living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and a year of college in Mexico City. She now resides in Miami, Florida where she enjoys cultural diversity and constant sunshine, as well as the ability to train competitively in her favorite cultural hobby, Latin dancing. By living in predominantly Spanish-speaking cities, she has even reduced her own accent in Spanish…(read more)

Brittany Palmer portrait

Brittany Palmer Carbone


Brittany Palmer is a licensed speech pathologist and professional classical singer. Brittany has always had a passion for language, culture, and science, which has led her to the exciting world of accent modification. She is certified in the Compton method of pronunciation training and in Resonant Voice Therapy. Before Brittany’s artistic career heated up, she even had the opportunity to work with a private equity company…(read more)


Olivia Porter

M.H.S., CCC-SLP (Speech Pathologist Instructor)

Olivia developed a love for communication and accents while working as a human resources manager. During this experience, Olivia realized the impact that clear and eloquent speech had on personal relationships and professional advancement. After leaving this position, Olivia traveled the world facilitating training workshops on over 20 communication and leadership topics…(read more)

Deb Victoroff portrait for our instructors

Deb Victoroff


Deb Victoroff, one of our senior-level instructors, is a native Midwesterner with a passion for the spoken word. Deb has been a popular, sought-after, and dedicated AccentsOff instructor since she joined our staff in 2016.One of Deb’s specialties is helping construct a Speaking Personality, for those who aspire to having their own podcast, doing motivational talks, or even creating a lifestyle vlog…(read more)


Brittany Leaks


Brittany has had the pleasure of working with clients in a wide variety of settings throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and New York. She is a native Texan, but with a trained musical ear, a strong performance background, and her continued involvement in choir, Brittany has developed an accent about as “Standard American” as you can get…(read more)

Start speaking with clarity and confidence

We understand how critical it is to stay a step ahead of the competition and take control where we can. Learning how to become a crystal-clear, engaging speaker is one of the most important life investments you can make. Find out more about improving your American accent by scheduling a Discovery Call and complimentary Speech Evaluation.