Remembering Sam Chwat

February 17, 2012
February 17, 2012 Rochel deOliveira

sam chwat accent reductionI worked with Sam Chwat at New York Speech Improvement (later known as the Sam Chwat Speech Center) for about 6 years.

Sam passed away in March 2011 and when his business closed shortly thereafter, I opened AccentsOff Speech and Voice Improvement.

How to describe Sam Chwat?

He was warm, well-read and erudite, charismatic, VERY funny, and passionate about his work. Big personality. He loved meeting with his instructors and sharing his stories and his knowledge. His clients loved him, too.

I recently heard from an old client who worked with both Sam and me at SCSC.

She wrote:  “I fondly remember how we were supposed to meet for one hour and often chatted for two+ (he charged me for one because he did at least half the talking, if not more!) He was so full of opinions. Sometimes interesting people aren’t necessarily the easiest to get along with — but they add a lot to our lives!”

ENJOY this audio interview with Sam Chwat. He speaks with Terry Gross about teaching Robert de Niro an American Southern accent, the power of voice to make an impression, and how to change and eliminate a foreign or regional accent.


Remembering Sam Chwat brings back the love he fostered in me to train people with accents.

Often, people don’t feel heard, and they lose confidence. They think they will lose their identity along with their accent, but that is not the case. They just learn to speak more clearly and confidently.

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