Deb Victoroff

Program Director and Writing Specialist


Deb Victoroff writing editing coach foreign accent reduction NYCDeb Victoroff, M.S. is a native Midwesterner with a passion for the spoken word. She received her AccentsOff instructor certification after an intensive year-long training program, and is the director and lead instructor for our “YPS” (“Young Professionals and Students”) American accent training program.

Her pedagogical strategy was honed by studying the teaching practice and principles of the late Sam Chwat, one of the pre-eminent accent modification specialists of the last century, as taught by Rochel deOliveira.

Deb holds a Master’s degree in communications from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University, a B.A. in International Studies from Ohio State University, and a general studies certificate from the New College at Oxford University.

She is also a writer and editor, published in Cosmopolitan, Penthouse, and The Village Voice, as well as the online humor forums and Open Salon, and her short plays have been produced around the country.  Her story “House and Garden” is available on

Deb presently performs with the Grace Chorale of Brooklyn where she refines her musical ear and diction in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Latin.  She has performed at Carnegie Hall and recently toured South Africa with the international singing group Village Harmony.

Before joining AccentsOff, Deb worked in film and television as an editor, including on the feature film “Philadelphia” and the NYC-based series “Sex and the City”.  As with the rest of the AccentsOff crew, her background in the arts has honed her skill in the both the art and science of accent modification.

Deb also heads up the AccentsOff writing coaching program and is our go-to girl if you want to overhaul your writing skills, or just need some assistance with editing and proofreading projects.

“It is a pleasure to be taught by such a professional like you, Deb. The way you adjust the materials to our sessions is amazing! I feel so relieved to be training with you to do authentic monologues in American English. Your instructions are really helpful and encouraging, and with your help, I’m getting more and more confident in my pronunciation skills.”

-Galina (Skype client)

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