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Accent reduction, accent modification, pronunciation and intonation training

Do you often wonder how to get people to stop asking you to repeat yourself? Tired of being asked immediately where you’re from? Or maybe you know that your non-native foreign intonation pattern is just somehow not communicating your intentions?

American English stressAlthough accents are not true indicators of education, skill, or socio-economic status, they can unfortunately be stigmatizing. At their worst, they make it difficult for you to be understood, and can result in serious professional or social setbacks.

A Standard American Accent is characterized by a “neutral” quality. It’s sometimes called the accent without an accent. It’s often associated with the speech of news broadcasters and to many ears sounds “mainstream” and well-educated. Relaxed and fluid, the American accent sends a clear message free of distractions.

Along with targeting pronunciation, we also guide you towards improved prosody (also known as “intonation”), so that you can master the rhythms, pitch, and stress of American English. As children, we develop natural speech inflections that express our native language and culture. When you learn a new language, you often keep that original prosody. This can make communication difficult, no matter how broad your vocabulary.

Perhaps you speak too quickly, or you don’t stress the right words. Maybe you have an issue with connecting words like “can” and “the.”  Your speech may feel choppy… or somehow the connections between words just don’t flow naturally.

Our accent reduction classes help you learn features of the Standard American accent gradually, at a pace that is comfortable for you. Our team of licensed speech pathologists and certified instructors have extensive experience in accent reduction training, along with professional backgrounds in music, acting, and writing.

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