Deb Victoroff

Deb Victoroff, M.S. (Senior Staff Instructor) is a native Midwesterner with a passion for the spoken word. Deb has been a popular, sought-after, and dedicated AccentsOff instructor since she joined our staff in 2016.

One of Deb’s specialties is helping construct a Speaking Personality, for those who aspire to having their own podcast, doing motivational talks, or even creating a lifestyle vlog.

Deb developed her pedagogical strategy as an accent specialist during a year-long preparatory training and certification at AccentsOff . She specializes in the teaching practice and principles of the late Sam Chwat, one of Hollywood’s pre-eminent accent modification specialists. Deb also has trained with Knight-Thompson Speechwork under faculty member Julie Foh.

Deb is a member of VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association). She holds a Master’s degree in Communications from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University and a general studies certificate from the New College at Oxford University.

She is also a writer and editor, and her short plays (including her recent “Tragedy of the Citrus King”) have been produced around the country.

Deb has performed for years with the Grace Chorale of Brooklyn where she refines her musical ear and diction in German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. She has performed at Carnegie Hall and has toured South Africa with the international singing group Village Harmony.

Before joining AccentsOff, Deb worked in film and television as an editor, including for the feature film “Philadelphia” and the NYC-based series “Sex and the City”. As with the rest of the AccentsOff crew, her background in the arts has primed her instincts for both the art and science of accent modification.

“I am so proud of the classes I have been taking and what I have learned from you, Deb. My American colleagues are amazed how I can speak so clearly. I am even teaching my friends how to say some words correctly. Your classes have been so useful for me! I am really happy! 🙂

– Stan Hristakev, actor, New York

“It is a pleasure to be taught by such a professional like you, Deb. I successfully graduated from a screen acting course in Britain. Your highly professional advice helped me sound almost authentic while being filmed for the showreel. The tutors didn’t even recognize my country of origin until I told them. Only due to your support could I sign up for my first ever performing workshop in an English-speaking country.”

– Galina, actor and professor

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