Sari Koppel

Sari Koppel graduated with honors in Speech-Language Pathology from New York Medical College, following her undergraduate degree in musical theatre at the Hartt School. Beginning her career as a professional singer and actor in New York City, her passion for accent modification work was ignited during her rigorous theatrical voice and speech training.

Sari possesses a deep understanding of speech anatomy and physiology, honed through a specialty in voice which serves as a cornerstone to her approach. Drawing inspiration from the Feldenkrais method, she places a strong emphasis on kinesthetic and auditory awareness in her teaching, empowering her students to excel in their pursuit of clear speech and a strong voice. Sari has also completed advanced coursework in the Estill Voice method, which explores the limitless possibilities of the human voice.

Sari is currently assisting with a research study on dialectical differences and the importance of auditory perception. She spends her free time enjoying cooking, hiking, doing yoga, singing, and cuddling with her cat Fern.

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