Tipping in America: A Scientific Study by Tim Urban

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best accent reduction classes New York city nycSummer is never easy – as the non-stop parties and sunny picnics and fun outdoor events keep us from getting any decent work done. So… in honor of AccentsOff’s 8th year anniversary (yet another reason to throw a party ūüôÉ ), we are NOT writing an August blog post.

Instead – I want to share an article you might find very practical – all about TIPPING. Tipping can be very confusing even for lifelong inhabitants of a place. For someone traveling in or recently moving to a new country, it can be downright nightmarish.

american culture foreignersEver wonder how much of a tip to leave? Do you ever ask yourself: “Am I being cheap?” or even “Did I just tip someone I didn’t need to??”

These and other gratuity-related mind games will now be addressed¬†here by the great Tim Urban, creator of the brilliant web series Wait But Why. I guarantee you that this piece of writing (born of Tim’s super-inquisitive mind and data-hungry research) will hereby answer every question you ever had about tipping in the U.S.

Click here to check out the article and get this important part of adult life-education behind you once and for all. (I wish I had read it at as a young teenager, before inadvertently “stiffing” a waiter in a Chinese restaurant. The last memory I have of that is him angrily running after me in the parking lot!)