Bianca Mazor

Speech-Language Pathologist

Accent modification and American accent training for actors and business professionsals. NYC.Bianca Mazor, M.S., CCC-SLP received her Master of Science at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. The diversity on campus introduced her to clients from around the world, and exposed her to the almost infinite variety of challenges that face the non-native English speaker in New York City. These experiences were fundamental in developing her passion for accent modification.

She grew up as a bilingual Russian/English speaker in New York City which instilled in her a personal sensitivity to the professional, emotional and cultural issues that straddling two cultures and two languages can bring.

As a trained classical singer and pianist, Bianca also has a seasoned background in musical performance, which has trained her ear to recognize subtle patterns of speech and voice.  She uses an empathetic and personalized approach to guide clients to achieve individual goals and improve confidence in communication skills. Bianca lives in the borough of Brooklyn and in her spare time enjoys singing, hiking anywhere, trying out new recipes and practicing accents!