Brittany Carbone

Brittany Palmer Carbone, M.S., CCC-SLP (Senior Staff Instructor) is a licensed speech pathologist and professional classical singer. Brittany has always had a passion for language, culture, and science, which has led her to the exciting world of accent modification. She is certified in the Compton method of pronunciation training and in Resonant Voice Therapy. Brittany holds a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Western Kentucky University, and a Master of Music degree from the acclaimed Eastman School of Music.

Brittany’s international singing career has involved performing in a number of different languages including German, French, Italian, Tagalog, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin, and Hebrew. She continues to perform Baroque music with several New York City-based ensembles and, for the past several years, has taken an annual “working vacation” performing traditional operatic repertoire on a riverboat cruise on the Danube.

Life wasn’t always about singing and science, however. Before Brittany’s artistic career heated up, she had the opportunity to work with a private equity company as an administrative assistant in New York City for 6 years. While Brittany’s expertise does not include making business deals, she thoroughly understands the culture and expectations of the corporate world and knows how vital clear communication is.

When Brittany isn’t working with her accent reduction and voice clients at AccentsOff, she teaches and supervises graduate students in the speech-language pathology department at Yeshiva University. She loves teaching and is grateful for the eager graduate students who keep her on her toes.

“Brittany Palmer is much more than an accent coach. She really shed light on where I had already been stuck in speaking English — too much thinking and not letting it go. With her professional help, patience, and encouragement, I gained so much confidence.”

– Yvonne Hou

“This course exceeded my expectations! I was able to modify my pronunciation even for the sounds which I thought were impossible for me to change. My speech coach Brittany was very skilled, organized, and supportive. She made me feel totally at ease. This was the best investment I have made for my professional and personal development! Recording lectures is much more fun now and, as a bonus, I do not need to repeat myself anymore when ordering food in a drive through!”

– Mila B., Professor

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