American English Accent Training for Actors

Accent modification, SAE, Dialect coaching

American accent actors NYCAre you limiting your professional versatility because of a foreign or regional accent? Is your diction or voice getting in the way of nailing auditions?

At AccentsOff we can help you rise in your career, with training in:

  • Accent modification, accent elimination, and American English pronunciation

  • Dialect coaching

  • IPA training

  • Voiceover coaching

  • Resonant Voice Therapy and general vocal skills

  • Delivery, timing, and diction improvement

We work with seasoned and aspiring actors alike. AccentsOff instructors are all highly experienced American English accent coaches trained by Rochel deOliveira in the Sam Chwat Method. Each of our coaches is steeped in an extensive background in the arts, creating a uniquely transformative and personalized experience for the student.

Meet some of our featured coaches:

  • Megan Bussiere American English accent training AccentsOff
    Megan Bussiere, speech pathologist, actor, voiceover artist, playwright. Education: Kean University (B.A., M.A., Speech-Language Pathology, theater, psychology). Other training: Ryan Tofil (Meisner) Kathy Deitch, Sheri Sanders, Roz Coleman, more; Musical theaterTokyo Disneyland, Norwegian Cruise Lines; TV/Film: Cabin of Errors (Amazon) and national commercial/VO spots; Read more about Megan here. 

    “…very happy with Megan’s accent reduction training – I think she is fantastic – absolutely precise and clear in her explanations. Her knowledge about speech and language in general seems to be immense. I’ve encountered quite a few accent reduction coaches in New York, and she really stands out to me.”– Toni Goldman, Actor/Musician/Poet, NYC

  • deb victoroff American English accent actors accent reduction
    Deb Victoroff, Director of AccentsOff “YPS” (Young Professional and Student) Program, senior staff American English accent instructor. Education: Syracuse University (M.S. Communications), Ohio State University (B.A., International Relations), New College at Oxford University. Dialect studies: Beth McGuire (“Black Panther”). Professional Background: Television/film editing (Sex and the City, The People’s Court, Philadelphia); Writing/editing (Cosmopolitan, Penthouse, The Village Voice,, Open Salon, published short stories and nationally-produced plays); Vocal Performance: Grace Chorale, Carnegie Hall, So. African tour. Read more about Deb here.

    “It is a pleasure to be taught by such a professional like you, Deb. I successfully graduated from a screen acting course in Britain. They didn’t even recognise my country of origin until I told them.” -Galina, Russian actor

rochel deOliveira American English accent actorsRochel deOliveira, director of AccentsOff, served as a lead consultant for the Sam Chwat Speech Center since 2006, assisting actors, voiceover artists, and business professionals in areas of accent reduction, accent acquisition, and voice improvement. She received intensive training by the late Mr. Chwat, also known as the “Speech Coach to the Stars”, who in turn worked with hundreds of celebrities including Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts and Kathleen Turner. After Sam’s untimely passing in 2011, Rochel founded AccentsOff Speech and Voice Improvement, where she passes on Sam’s teachings and spirit.

Rochel received her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Columbia University. Prior to that, she spent countless hours practicing, teaching, and performing classical piano but decided to go back to school after being cooped up indoors for too many decades. Now she plays a lot of tennis, keeps AccentsOff alive and growing, and performs Schumann for her two cats.

Read Daniella Alma’s interview “Advice for Actors Learning an Accent” with Rochel on here.

“Had a brush-up session today with Rochel after rigorous studying with my dear coach, the late Sam Chwat, who helped me eliminate my European accent and acquire Standard American Speech. Sam was the wonderful man who trained Rochel, and I’m happy to say, she is as proficient and wonderful as he was!” – Nattacia Satie, Actress, New York City

“Rochel knows exactly how to identify every single problem regarding my accent. Accent and speech are crucial in the acting business  to get cast for more roles and not be stuck to foreigners’ parts.  I highly recommend Rochel deOliveira’s lessons to the serious foreign actor who wants to have a career in America.” – Anne-Cécile Bégot, Actress, New York City


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