Accent tips for Spanish speakers Capa de Barbaria lighthouse
Capa de Barbaria lighthouse

Accent tips for Spanish speakers

We see many accent modification clients from all the various Spanish-speaking countries, mostly from Spain, Columbia, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. Although each country’s accent has a slightly different flavor, there are many common features in areas of pronunciation, stress/rate/rhythm, intonation, and oral posture. Here are 6 accent tips for Spanish speakers to improve your American…

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Pace Yourself! How Americans really speak

I haven’t written an article in a while. I was in Italy for a couple of weeks and the trip messed with my “pace”.  Slowed down my world in a warm and lovely way. Arrivederci-for-a-while to my usual fast-as-a-New-York-minute productivity. Meglio tardi che mai. Better late than never. This is where espresso/caffeine has its purpose. Speaking…

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