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  • Remembering Sam Chwat

    I worked with Sam Chwat at New York Speech Improvement (later known as the Sam Chwat Speech Center) for about six years. Sam unexpectedly passed away in March 2011 and when his business closed shortly thereafter, I opened AccentsOff Speech and Voice Improvement. How to describe Sam Chwat? He was warm, well-read and erudite, charismatic, […]

  • IPA: A Roadmap for Accent Reduction

    International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA, is a universal roadmap of the speech sounds of all languages. Unlike alphabet letters, the symbols (or phonemes) of IPA are unique representations of speech sounds used in all languages, taking the guesswork out of pronouncing irregularly spelled words (a notorious feature of American English). For example, the word “been” […]